Will I Get Into Sixth Form/College?

Ever since my last exam on the 16th June its been on my mind and it wont go away.

Will i get the grades to get into sixth form?

I have interests, hobbies, I love many of my subjects but i need a 5 in maths. I think its been lowered to a 4 which is great because i’m never going to achieve a 5 anyway, and i would have thought i would open my results and see a 4, but after my mocks i got a 3 i’m not so sure. Maths is not my strongest subject, in fact its my weakest and i’ve came to the realisation that you either get maths… or you don’t. And i definitely am the latter. Ive tried my hardest to understand all the formulas and if you gave me a question on pythagoras  i could do it. Just not in exams, i get confused and never know what its asking or what formula i need.

For my Sixth Form you need 6B’s, as well as B’s in your chosen subjects; and a 5 in english & maths (maybe a 4). Which is fine i’m 90% sure i can do that. Not 100% because if you have twitter you would know the AQA geography exam was awful and nothing like the past papers- i want to take geography at A Levels so i need a B, I wanted an A but after the exam i don’t want to set expectations. I also plan on taking Government and Politics, my school don’t offer this at GCSE so i need a B in my humanities subject which is Geography so if i do get a B i’ll have 2 A Levels – Killing two birds with one stone! Im taking 3 A Levels so thirdly, Sociology. Ive taken sociology for 3 years, the first two i got straight A’s/A*’s. In my final GCSE year everybody dropped in their mocks with the majority achieving C’s/D’s -me included and now i’m just hoping i’ve improved drastically to get a B although i’m hoping for an A.

i would like to predict my GCSE’s even though i’m aware it will probably cause me even more stress, but just so i can look back on it next month when i get my results! the first prediction (red) will be myself underestimating my grades and the second (blue) will be what i would like 🙂

English Lit- 6|7/8

English Lang-6|7/8


Science Core- B|A/A*

Science add-B|A/A*


Photography- C|B




Thank you for reading my little rant and i hope you’ve got to know me a bit better through the subjects i enjoy and those i clearly do not!


Brooke Beau


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